The Science behind Reconnective Healing


Dr William Tiller, PhD, Stanford University – Tiller Einstein Theory of negative Entropy

Dr Tiller’s studies on thermodynamic energy challenged Dr Eric Pearl’s ‘The One Cause theory’

The One cause theory is that the degree to which we fall away from perfect health is the degree that which we’ve temporarily forgotten that we are light. Basically that we need to return to our natural state of light vibration. As we vibrate in our optimum state of light, anything denser than the light pretty much doesn’t have anything left to hold on to, therefore it falls away.


Dr. Melinda Conner and Dr. Gary Schwartz – written and published in ‘Focus on Alternative and Complimentary Therapies’ – December 2007

Leaf Longevity Study – U of Arizona

Pothos Plant Leaf – if you separate a leaf from a plant, a healthy leaf will lose its weight over time and die – this study researched ‘dry weight’ of a leaf over time. Over time a Pothus plant leaf loses its life force over a period of 9-12 days. There were leaves used to study different modalities such as Reiki, Chi, Qi-Jong, and Reconnective Healing.

–In this study there was an Arch of support in the amount of millgrams of weight that was lost per day. This was to prove the efficacy of RH on leaves separated from their source of life.

Modalities kept leaves alive through their standard rate of 9-12 days, with positive effects early in the stages.

Reiki’s arch started quicker to vitalize the leaf, but fell off sooner after a faster rate

Chi Gong tended to take longer to get started, but tended to last a little bit longer

Reconnective Healing started at the highest and continued for the longest for up to 90 days. The interesting part of the study is that the Reconnective Healing Practitioners were in LA and not in Arizona where the study was taking place. Some of the RH leaf’s had root regeneration, thus proving the repairing of DNA, recoiling of the DNA strands.

Anne Baldwin, PhD, University of Arizona – Professor of Physiology and Psychology

Dr. Gary Schwartz, PhD, University of Arizona – Advancement of Consciousness and Health

Range of motion – Published in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine – 2013

Comparisons – Double-Blind Study using RH, Reiki, Sham healing, PT, and no treatment

A 10 minute session of RH Testing for the efficacy for increasing limited range of motion in the scapular plane and self reported pain

RH reported an increase in ROM by 26 degrees – vs PT at 12 degrees, Reiki at 19 degrees Sham ½ degree control group 3 degrees between pretreatment and post treatment – more than twice as affective in ROM than PT


Konstantin Korotkov, PhD, Director of St Petersburg Federal Research Institute of Physical Culture

Advisor to Soviet Olympic team

Russian Athlete Study – Published in ‘Human Physiology’ – May 2005

GDV Device – Gas Discharge Visualization Device – measures low levels of light coming off of the human body – latest version of Kirlian photography – The effects of RH on the test subjects were available within 2 hours of training and not over years. Suggesting that RH takes affect rather instantanueous in comparison to longer

Studies the effect of our bodies energetic functionality – before and after RH

Study of 7 women and 5 men – using EKG’s, EEG’s, GDV, and oxygen uptake to see the bodies effects on blood levels, measuring the functionality of the body.

GDV pixel rates increase over the athletes as a whole by 15% – increasing energetic Aura body flow

This study has been done several times over years.

2 points during the broken ankle and the athlete using a modality to try and better his effect.

Reconnective Healing provided a harmonization to the human aura and is successful in re-distributing the human energy – creating a profound effect on one’s overall state

Experiences with Reconnective Healing

Heart Rate Variability, Brain Waves, Entrainment

Video Part I – Time 11:46

DNA Studies, Discussion on Restructuring

Video Part II – Time 6:56

Allen Steinfeld

Eric Pearl & Kelly Woodruff on the Energetic Biology of the Reconnection

A comprehensive video – 27:55




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