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Feeling good does not have to include suffering.


Relieving Chronic Pains from Past Injuries:

From a friend – 10/14/2017

“My life had been battered. A friend recommended that I come see you and that has turned out to be the moment that changed my life. The trauma of things in my life I felt had overtaken me and I now finally have been able to feel free!” – H

Karen Havens Miller – 1/16/17

“Four months ago I had a neck injury and had been dealing with intense pain in my neck and right arm!! I went to physical Therapy, had massages, took steroids and pain meds around the clock ! Nothing seemed to be helping me until a friend suggested that I try Reconnective Healing! I didn’t really know what to expect but am very pleased with the outcome! No longer am I taking pain meds, I am back to working out at the gym and feel like a brand new person!! Thank you Jeremy Stout for helping me feel well again and being able to have fun adventures!! I can’t say enough about how miserable I was feeling and how I am feeling today!!”

Clint Williams – 1/2017

“My wife and I have both worked with Jeremy and have had AMAZING RESULTS!! I highly recommend his services.”

Judy Bridges Murphy – 12/2016

“Amazing that the energetic frequencies are tangible with his distance sessions. I live in another state and making the appointment was simple. The arthritis in my legs that limited me in my life has dissipated. I feel more active and am so glad I found this in my life.”

From a friend – 1/2017

“There is so much that I do not want to write as all of the issues of what the problem originally is no longer the issue. I will say the thoughts of the past are just thoughts, and it is nice to not have them as a burden in my life anymore. I have found a new found peace in my life and am glad to be free of the past.

I will comment that the minute the first session was over, I knew that something had changed in me. I felt so wonderful and my knee and elbow pain had diminished…feeling so excited, I went and ran for the first time without pain in many years. I am back to running stairs and in full athletic mode, feeling healthy!” – C

From a friend – 2/2017

“I served in the Gulf War. I never knew there could be a means of finding peace from the memories. Good days are better, great days are awesome, bad days are manageable as I can see it as just another day. The pins and needles of the outside influences are just not there.” – C

From a friend – 3/2017

“I did not consider that I could ever get over migraines. They had affected me my whole life. I had a session for other things that helped my range of motion in my shoulder. Amazingly I have found that I am no longer crippled by the days of ‘nursing’ the migraines as well.” – K


Pet Reconnective Healing

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