Why do we seek negative entropy?

Jeremy Stout, Reconnective Healing Foundational Practitioner

One would think that the word ‘negative’ is a bad thing…well in the case of brain functions, negative entropy can be a great thing.

The definition of entropy according to Reference.com in science, physics, and thermodynamics is…

“Entropy is the measure of the disorder prevalent in a dynamic system. Entropy is defined by the second law of thermodynamics as the amount of thermal energy flowing in and out of a system. It is a measure of the randomness or chaos prevalent in a system.”

The German physicist Rudolf Clausius used the term entropy for the first time in 1850. Entropy and the law of conservation of energy are interlinked and explain why the universe prefers disorder to order. Entropy is often referred to as the arrow of time. Like time, entropy flows in one direction only.

As we live our lives, the outside influences of today’s society are complex. We have more things that influence our brain activity. The dynamics of our society has so much going on to create further interference from giving our thoughts a break. There is so much outside influence that if a trauma is introduced, disorder to the mind increases. That minor pain or fear introduced creates the body to trigger responses in the mind. The body and mind begin to flow in a direction of disorder. There are times we can take care of the simple things in life like take an aspirin or ibuprofen, and that minor pain goes away. Negative entropy has occurred, we have created order in our mind and the disorder has dissipated.

Then there are the moments where the pain persists, whether it is a physical pain or a mental pain. As that pain continues to nag at the body or mind, we seek further help to relieve the ills and pains that are creating us to not be able to function our roles. We continue to seek relief in many forms and fashions and in most cases our doctors can provide the solutions needed. In a sense, relief! Back to normal!

However, which direction is your entropy headed? Is your universal disorder still moving in one direction? We seek things to clear our mind. Meditation and Yoga are two great means of clearing the mind. In some cases, exercise may have to be limited, so I would suggest meditation as a start. Clear your channels so that you can focus on what needs to be accomplished.

Then there are the moments that there is no means to the end of the pain or mental trauma. How can I do, how can I get this to go away? The spiral of thoughts continue to take you down a path. The spiral of I need to or I have to becomes limited, because of, because of, because of,… I need this because of, I need that because of, because of, because of,… BECAUSE of what? The next step is a long list of things trying to fix the very one source of the disorder.

This is where I would suggest Reconnective Healing. Call me or visit www.thereconnection.com.

Our mind, body, and soul doesn’t have to live off of medications and constant maintenance routines. If something goes awry, yes, by all means, go see a doctor, get the help you need to heal. Read about what medications you are being given and how it affects your mental and physical being. There are side effects and the affects of side effects can create more and more disorder. If the pains and ills of a trauma whether it be major or minor, be comforted, there are solutions. Life is good and can be better without having to do something consistently…because of…because of…because of…

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