The Story of a Cat Named NOLA 1-27-17

Jeremy Stout – Energy Healthcare, Reconnective Healing for Pets

Nola is the proud owner of a personal friend of mine that I have known for a couple of years. Nola is important to her because, well…Nola is a special cat.

I recall the evening I first met Nola as I wasn’t wearing shoes. That particular night, it just felt good to not wear shoes for a change. That particular night I found myself with a clean scratch on the top of my foot. It didn’t bother me, because I knew my feet were probably beacons of light blinding her eyes due to the lack of sunlight over many years. In my mind, Nola’s owner is a very special person and the last thing I could do is inform her that her cat may not like my pale feet.

Over time as I tried to get to know Nola, every moment I tried to find an angle, it never would work. Walk quiet, tip-toe, peak around a corner in case she’s hidden under the curtains, and make sure you keep the shoes close in case she so happens to stroll into the moment of conversation. Nola is a stealthy cat. I thought to myself then, one of these days, I will be able to pet you and at that time we will know how good an ear rub feels from myself. An ego thing at the time, now it is a wonderful moment that so defines my personal changes in light of my new Reconnective Healing for Pets venture.

To jump to the best part…the day I returned from the Dr. Eric Pearl, Austin conference, I was personally wrapped up in the wonder of it all. I felt good with my training of what I learned at the conference. I had learned to trust what I just witnessed and was eager to work with my new found abilities. There were a lot of people who were interested in experiencing RH and I felt confident with the information I learned and was eager to share that experience. Nola’s owner had read about Reconnective Healing for Pets and wanted me to see if I could do anything to help Nola and her. Excitement!  My first client!  Nola the Cat! For me, it was an opportunity to see if Nola may be ready for me to attempt and ear scratch that I knew she would enjoy, without fear on my behalf and hers. I already knew that I more than likely would not be able to pet her that particular day, however, now was a chance to see if I could help.

The Story of Nola.

Nola had been found 3-4 years earlier on a beach in the mouth of a bob-cat at the beach. That moment was enough for my friend to risk a little bit of herself to save this kitten from harm’s way. Would you chase off a bob-cat to save a little kitten? Nola had a crushed skull from the teeth marks of its hunter while being removed from the drainage ditch she lived in. By her personality, it appeared Nola may have been adopted by a den of raccoons, was protected by them, and was on her way out with a bob-cat’s viscous jaws. Nola is as much of a cat as any cat looks like, I would think that she had the mannerisms of a raccoon and that was how she was taught to live.

My friend, she cared for Nola with heart and was such a wonderful person to continue to play, love, and nurture life into a stray. The wounds of the attack healed over time, and playing with her favorite toy kept Nola mentally focused. I would suggest, Nola was a normal cat that thought it was a raccoon…hissing and saying hello as if you were stumbling across a raccoon in the forest. Might make you jump on a peaceful day walk!

I ran into my friend a couple of times over the recent holidays and was amazed at how much progress Nola had made around me. Surprising I heard her meow so many times; she would meow from her perch as if she were singing to the choir. The laugh and the smile I heard from Nola’s owner was such a happy laugh that it tickles my heart as I write this piece. I hear Nola speak now, her meow is pure, her purr is embellishing. Sensing her inner peace now, I am proud to say I enjoy petting Nola and we both are happy cats with a wonderful kitty ear scratch. Isn’t life good!

What I like about what I am doing is coming to realize that anything can be done if you are willing to make the effort. Nola’s continued development expanded with continuous love, care, and nurturing from her wonderful owner. Nola was able to accomplish the rest with courage, it sounds to me she likes to sing like a cat instead of like a raccoon, thus just being a precious cat. I know that life is good for her, because she warmed my bare feet on that cold day. Thank you Nola!

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