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DNA Strand

DNA Strand

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If you separate a leaf from a plant, a healthy leaf will lose its weight over time and die – this study researched ‘dry weight’ of a leaf over time.

Over time a Pothus plant leaf loses its life force over a period of 9-12 days. There were leaves used to study different modalities such as Reiki, Chi, Qi-Jong, and Reconnective Healing.

In this study there was an Arch of support in the amount of millgrams of weight that was lost per day. This was to prove the efficacy of RH on leaves separated from their source of life.

Modalities kept leaves alive through their standard rate of 9-12 days, with positive effects early in the stages.

Reiki’s arch started quicker to vitalize the leaf, but fell off sooner after a faster rate

Chi Gong tended to take longer to get started, but tended to last a little bit longer

Reconnective Healing started at the highest and continued for the longest for up to 90 days. The interesting part of the study is that the Reconnective Healing Practitioners were in LA and not in Arizona where the study was taking place. Some of the RH leaf’s had root regeneration, thus proving the repairing of DNA, recoiling of the DNA strands.

Dr. Melinda Conner and Dr. Gary Schwartz – written and published in ‘Focus on Alternative and Complimentary Therapies’ – December 2007

Personal Note: A Friend of mine and I began a personal study. In the process, there is one thing that I learned – you have to care for what you want to be around for awhile. Make sure you follow some other simple scientific steps on plant care. Follow the link below for sunlight and temperature range conditions.

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